AVGCART - the average SD multicart for 8bit Atari

- supports CAR files up to 1MB (supported types, if you have any dump for type that is unsupported/untested, let me know)
- supports XEX files
- supports ATR files (read/write) - support is limited due to cartridge port constraints
- SIDE emulation (works with U1MB and SpartaDOS X)
- firmware is upgradeable via SD card

Keyboard reference:

- arrows to navigate the list, with <SHIFT>/<CTRL> jump to beginning/end of page/list
- <BACKSPACE> for parent dir
- <ENTERxi> and letters choose item
- <TAB> to select multiple ATR files (right cart button to cycle them afterwards)
- <ESC> disables cart and resets Atari
- <?> shows current firmware version
- </> for recursive search, use ESC to return to full navigation
- <SHIFT-S> enables SIDE CCTL registers and resets
- <CTRL-SHIFT-S> creates a "tag" file (/_AVGCART/SIDE) on sd card that makes AVGCART boot in SIDE emulation mode on power-on
- <CTRL-S> removes this file
- right cart button pressed on power-on makes AVGCART to go to SIDE emulation mode (IDE registers only)

Use left cart button to return to file selector (after reset), right cart button resets current cart's bank (also cycles ATR files)

latest firmware is 0018 (changelog)

flashjazzcat's SIDE firmware in AVGCART compatible CAR files (one enables SIDE emulation and runs SIDE loader, the other runs SpartaDOS X, use Shift-S to enable SIDE for use with U1MB)

my older collection of CAR test files

XEX files sources - Homesoft - Fandal

sticker for the cart (courtesy of Mr Robot)

Unbricking information: here and here

Nir Dary's demo of the cart