FPGA based multicart for 8bit Atari computers, extensible with SIO and/or ECI/PBI cables


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Feature comparison (2021, might need an update)

AVGCART Ultimate Cart UnoCart SIDE 2 SIDE 3
Media type SD card SD card SD card CF card SD card
CAR files up to 1MB yes yes no (up to 128kB) no yes
XEX files yes yes yes yes yes
Limited ATR support yes no yes no yes
Full ATR support yes* no no no no
ATX support yes* no no no no
CAS (tape) support yes* no no no no
File search yes no yes yes yes
Autorun / bookmarks yes no no no no
PDM audio playback yes no no yes yes
Phaeron's video playback yes no no yes (single video per CF card) no
Software firmware update yes no no yes yes
HDD emulation with U1MB yes no no yes yes

(*) with an optional SIO cable


latest firmware is 0030 (changelog)

External resources

flashjazzcat's SIDE firmware in AVGCART compatible CAR files (one enables SIDE emulation and runs SIDE loader, the other runs SpartaDOS X, use Shift-S to enable SIDE for use with U1MB)

my older collection of CAR test files

XEX files sources - Homesoft - Fandal

sticker for the cart (courtesy of Mr Robot)

Unbricking information: here and here

Nir Dary's demo of the cart:

Larek's review of the cart (in polish):